A Disturbing Assault: NOV, 2022 – Neighbourhood Housing Society (NHS) Staff Member Involved – Please Read.


OK there is no soft touch way to broach this subject so let us just stick with the facts.

#1.) VPD and NHS both have cameras that over look the back of building parking stalls and “cage area”.

#2.) A NHS Staff Member was in deed Involved in a physical confrontation on premises @ 380 Main Street. That altercation was both towards and against a person and a vehicle. A work shovel was used as a tool to  obstruct, intimidate, harass and for a crime against private property.

#3.) There are several witnesses to this violent and disturbing incident.

#4.) The lady who was assaulted routinely delivers medical related items to seniors / PWD / home care / out patient etc. @ the Empress Hotel (Or other paces not known). She / They routinely use the back of the building and alley for parking to make deliveries to  the home bound.

#5.) People are concerned about a certain NHS employee (The one who launched the attack) and want to know what if anything was done and what should be done perhaps more importantly.

There can be no denying that this  disturbing assault happened.


It has been spoken about and eye witness recounting it in hush tones around the building, but not so hush hush by all, some are a bit outraged that this is not seemingly being addressed. There is a real angst about feeling safe and comfortable around the employee responsible for launching the attack on another.

I encourage those that have shared their profound outrage and genuine fear of the future with this person to continue to not confront this individual who is known to us all. We have to take it to those who are responsible for the supervision of  this NHS employee.

At the very least we can help get to this lady who was viciously attacked, an apology from NHS, his employer if not from him the employee, and if needs be a new van window or paint touch-up job for the fleet vehicle.

Can you imagine having your car being beaten with a full on shovel and never say anything and act like it never happened and it is carry on with business as usual? No, this is a menacing act that needs addressing. If VPD looks  at the footage what are they going to see…? A crime, none of us if we did this would be shocked to find that the police had they have been there would have made an arrest and most likely charges. It could still happen. NHS employees do not get to bash up any ones car / property and act like nothing happened.

As asked of me over the last week or so and as I said I would publish this as a resident association member  / chair, and on behalf of us all living here.

Furthermore as I said I would ask I here and now ask, anyone who has any further knowledge about the incident, to please come forward.

We have 5 know witnesses to the assault, one of them is an un identified lady in a black track suit, matching tops and bottoms, she was carrying a purse on that day / time as well. If you know who she is please let her know we would like to communicate with her.

As well as I said I would upon multiple requests BEPRA  will be contacting NHS and sending them a link to this post for their reply and cooperation.

Please if you know the name of the Provincial /  Coastal Health care worker that was assaulted or the license plate on the vehicle that was attacked with a shovel please contact us. We will keep, and pass on the details, you do not need to reveal nor will we reveal who provided the additional information.

Please if you see her, let her know about the BEPRA resident association website here or if you can remember give her this email: 380mainstreet @ gmail  – and show her our support, let her know BEPRA is as upset and shocked as she was /  and probably still is, she has our genuine sympathy.

Remember we are a real residence association and BEPRA is not any one single resident.

There where a few motions to post this information.


  1. UPDATE #1
    from: NHS Tenant Support


    Thanks for sending updates on behalf of the tenants at BEP.

    All concerns raised by NHS tenants are taken seriously. Issues are dealt with as they arise. Due to privacy and confidentiality NHS management is unable to discuss actions that take place between either tenants and NHS and or staff.

    I am sure that you can appreciate that we are bound by provincial and federal laws protecting individual’s right to privacy.

    That doesn’t always make sense or appease people who want to see action. Please understand that any behaviour or activity that is untoward is dealt with by the members of the Board and or the Property Manager.

    Hope that helps to know that your concerns are not being ignored.

    Many thanks



      12:40 PM (5 minutes ago)


      to NHS, nhs@shawbiz.ca, Kateryna, Lorne, Lorraine

      OK I will communicate this to others.


      It may be that we take this to VPD independent of NHS so that we will know a real public authority is aware, and perhaps they will take some action that can be shared with the public. 

      This is about public safety as much as it is a resident's concern by the nature and subject of the attack.


      There is video of this entire assault among us and, due to it having happened at our place of residence and residents having been accosted by Chang Ming in times past without any discernible action taken when it has been reported to NHS / Terrahousing, it is looking like it is in our best safety and interests to share information with proper authorities. Due to this assault happening in public view / recording there is no expectation of privacy as per the law.


      It may be a doubling up on the actions of the NHS (whomever is Chang Ming's duly recognized managers / supervisors)  but in the absence of evidence this is being taken seriously and without any knowledge of the outcome via NHS re: Chang Ming and this latest assault, it may be the only way to get some transparency and justice, and so  that the police have this on their radar and that someone is taking this seriously and will be on the lookout for our best interests and safety. What is on video is by most people's and jurisdictions standards a violent criminal act, your security footage should make it plain to yourselves what in fact did happen, and that I am or, other residents are not speaking in hyperbole.


      Maybe Lorriane, you, and or Lorne can tell the residents what in general happens when an NHS employee assaults a person and attempts private property destruction with a makeshift weapon.  Can you give any comment or transparency on the policy for such matters without naming an individual?  If not, why?  What legislation prohibits that kindness towards us?


      The actions we take as a community will be posted to the website. We are firm on this: NHS employees do not get to pick up anything and use it to intimidate and or assault anyone, for anything, at any time,  and this : " NHS employees do not get to bash up any ones car / property and act like nothing happened."  <— This simply cannot be or happen. For many this is one of a number of incidents that have well and truly crossed the line.


      This is not just a BEPRA thing, this is the humiliation and menace we have to feel for not only the lady (a provincial health worker at our best knowledge) and her work vehicle, who Chang Ming tried to beat off with a shovel, in front of NHS residents, and United We Can Employees. it is on me as one of the coordinators @ The Listening Post having to tell our volunteers who are a majority of themselves ladies over 70 years of age, the danger that demonstrably could meet them should they dare to park or put their car in neutral in the back of BEP to drop off a passenger, supplies or donations we give out, or as in the case of a what a handful of residents do here and that us to stay clear of him at all times. As if they do not brave and put up with enough to serve the most in need in the DTES, and now this from someone they should be able to trust and call on for support as appropriate. I did not want to have to tell these people this, or that It happened to me three times with Ming over 9 years. It is shameful and awkward. They did not want to believe it, no one wants any of this to be true but it is! I cringed when I had to say I have for years no not ridden the elevator with him or been in a hallway / stairwell, anywhere without a camera and or witnesses. My instructions are should they have any such similar encounters with Ming such as the one with the female Provincial Health Care worker did they are to remain quiet, leave if possible, and call 911 and not feel embarrassed or uncertain in doing so, we have a very good working relationship with VPD and VFS. 


      Furthermore, Bing the Director @ UWC, I too have to connect with and tell him know Ming is now back working at BEP daily and about the latest assault, and that he and Richard when visiting their jobsite aka the "cage" to be aware of Ming and where they park or stop their vehicles, and speak to witnesses that are in their employ for verification of the attack and or get a copy of the video and that they govern themselves according to the evidence. I work with UWC (Movie set work) and in case you do not already know Ming's fits of rage are not a secret with the lanc cleaning crews, he has been very public with his raging acts in public.


      The rest of this open letter is here: https://bruceeriksenplace.ca/a-disturbing-assault-nov-2022-nhs-staff-member-involved-please-read/


      With regards,


      John VIA: B.E.P.R.A.

  2. Kateryna: Good to hear from you. I will convey the message that until further notice re: Chang Ming it is as follows:

    "Ming will not be scheduled to work in Bruce Ericson Place for the foreseeable future."

  3. On Wed, Nov 16, 2022 at 2:13 PM Kateryna Filyus <Kat@terrahousing.ca> wrote:

    Hi John


    Please rest assured that we are working diligently on this and would like to ask for your help with forwarding any information you may have or receive about the incident including footage you mention in the letter.

    Ming will not be scheduled to work in Bruce Ericson Place for the foreseeable future.


    Thank you


    Kateryna Filyus

    Managing Broker, Senior Property Manager

    Terra Property Management

    2750 Rupert Street, Vancouver, B.C. V5M 3T7

    604 736 8775 ext 106 | terrahousing.ca


    Our reply:




    Good to hear from you.

    I will convey the message that until further notice re: Chang Ming it is as follows: "Ming will not be scheduled to work in Bruce Ericson Place for the foreseeable future."

    This will be a relief to some, and be seen as something credible being done in response to the matter, our thanks to you all for taking some action to start. At this point one could logically conclude that perhaps public facing tasks, or in public workplace settings are a detriment to and liability for NHS, residents, the public, and the employee/s themselves.

    Some people have been holding back on having words with him, out of fear of reprisal and housing security and that is not a very tenable situation. We went a long time with out any as we say "epic rants raving and raging" from this employee @ NHS / Terrahousing. People are reluctant to talk openly outside of each other and "BEPRA", some never have seen Ming in this state of full on rage before, and actually have  had mostly uneventful interactions with him, so this is awkward for us on a few different levels.

    In light of the fact he just returned to BEP, it is such an incredible red flag. Me personally I am shocked at the viciousness of the attack, but I am not surprised to see / hear Ming going at or after someone again.

    Last summer (2021) I was washing my car in the back on a late Saturday afternoon, I was parked by the dumpster with a pail of water, same thing happened to me, except he did not take the shovel to my car but he did shake it at me and came up to me toe to toe to yell at me that he was going to have me towed. It was witnessed as well, in fact how it ended is I finally said I have been advised not to talk with you Ming. Please contact your supervisor if they think it is right to do so they well write a letter and I will receive it, then I said now back off.  Then an old guy with a cane who was milling about the alley came over and said something to the effect leave him alone to Ming. Ming then had him backed up against my car yelling at him. He was shaking so much he knocked the guys cane because he was that close to him. I turned and pointed to the security camera and said your are on film Ming remember that. This was about a 2-3 minute ordeal. I deeply regret not filling out an incident report at the time.

    I have spoken with UWC and let them know Ming is off duty @ BEP.

    This last attack of his actually brought community together out of genuine concern so that is good 🙂  No one should, or will tip toe about the building we call our home for fear of such behaviours any longer. Truly I believe it is in his best interest to stay clear of what is pretty much at this point with out any exaggeration his crime scene aka Bruce Eriksen Place @380MainStreet.

    With regards to you request. No can do re sharing any media with you re your employee @ the time of his last known assault.
    It was not captured on any device I own. VPD will have to provide it, if it is their policy / procedure, and in their possession to do so.

    I am following through with the resolution that BEPRA follows through on a collaborative police report. If you have anything to add to the report please do send it to me / us by the close of business Friday to this email address.

    Witnesses have not wanted to speak directly about this with the "landlord". The list will be with VPD, I am still reaching out to ID one other person, the Provincial Health Worker and one other tenant of NHS who was within meters of the actual woman / Ming / vehicle / Shovel incident. They were one of two people who tried to broker peace and be the voice of reason, but Ming would have none of it.

    You might think it best to get that video from the building's security footage ASAP –  AND about privacy… I was asked to ask if NHS has determined if certain employee/s has NHS security camera video feed access via the internet from the comfort of their own home, during off hours, at their leisure. I will leave it at that and presume you might know what I speak of.

    Please understand that of the people I have spoken with only two know I will be adding them to the police report. I need to talk with the others first and call my liaison with VPD about how best to move forward with them. For one person it might be best that VPD speaks to them outside of BEPRA so as to give an unbiased first hand eye witness account.

    The new wrinkle for BEPRA is that there is now a workers union @ NHS in the mix and the easiest route I think in fairness to all is to get a police report made and have it on the record to share with the union rep or whomever / wherever it should go to, as well of course you TerraHousing.ca as NHS, and in that way we will all know what we know. As well there could be a fleet vehicle manager swallowing the repair bill for a provincial vehicle, and last but not least, so VPD can ID the provincial health care worker and there be some sort of something forthcoming to recognize this truly is something that we cannot at all pretend did not happen, and that there is some public notice of the facts being on the record.  VPD seems the logical way to do all that.

    Again thank you for giving residents something tangible to see your involvement in this matter.


    There are a lot of "things" that go on in the alley… This rage fuelled assault ended only after the lady Ming was wielding your company shovel like a weapon at (and the minivan!) is when at the first chance she got she picked it (the shovel) and threw it clear across the back lot right over to where the dumpster is. This happened when Ming, who was right in front of her was shaking it and himself while yelling right in her face  he dropped it (the shovel) accidently.

    No one, I mean no one saw that coming, Ming included. She did the right thing as soon as he was disarmed she tossed the weapon away. It is a one in a million sight, who knew this lady could pitch a shovel like an Olympic javelin thrower. She was outraged by that shovel and she had every right to get it as far away from Ming as she could. Chang Ming must consider himself fortunate in at least this, that she did not retaliate or pursue him with that shovel. We want to talk to her and let her know that she did well as "Grace Under Fire" and that she will not have a cause to be concerned she will get the shovel treatment for the foreseeable future. None of us will have to get the shovel treatment again so thank you for that Kateryna.
    I think her boss might want to commend her, and have an explanation about any damage to the minivan. I think she could well deserve a three day mental health break after the shovel treatment by Ming.

    With regards,

    John:McIlwraith VIA: BEPRA.

  4. In reply to a residents thoughts / questions on the matter:


    BEPRA has nothing to say as far as any potential legal action is concerned, VPD and the province will be the arbitrators of that if need be. We have seen Lane Cleaning workers scuffle with each other, even a war of words and get arrested in that same space out back and get hand cuffed for far less than wielding a shovel at someone and taking it to their vehicle. Who knows what will happen here on in.

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