We are BEPRA.  BEPRA is an acronym for Bruce Eriksen Place Residents Association. BEPRA is in no way driven, directed, steered, policy or otherwise visa via NHS, and at this time we have received no funding from NHS (Neighborhood Housing Society ).

This website, our constitution, our community events, fundraising, community networking,  are all self directed and actuated.

At the time of this writing (July 2018) BEPRA is an un incorporated association, it’s membership, steering and executive roles are made up of residents of BEP ( <—short for Bruce Eriksen Place).

Membership is open to all residents. Membership is free.

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All residents are encouraged to be active participants with the associations meetings, members, events, and steering committees. Although membership is free members are free to contribute towards the running and building of BEPRA and the various things we do as an association.

We have plans to offer honorary membership / chairs to certain key community leaders in an effort of steering of the affairs of BEPRA and to help us network with out side third parties / agencies both public and private and or a mix thereof.

Are first official act as a cohesive association we started out with 10 residents coming out to hold our first ever meeting on July 2nd 2018. We established that all present constituted the beginning of our residents association. On the agenda was action items for building maintenance, securing volunteer commitment to facilitate the anniversary BBQ, and for individuals to table there suggestions, concerns, and appreciation specific to BEP / NHS / TERRA / City Of Vancouver.

We established that residents present where / are members of BEPRA and by consensus constituted the first Steering committee.

BEPRA mission is to improve the lives of residents @ BEP and be a proactive positive force in the DTES, supporting and championing action, events and associations that seek to do so as well. 

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