You all should have Received the above note under you doors. Looks like the cable TV package that comes with the monthly fees / rents might be going away.

The notice states

“We have been facing financial pressures in BEP..”

My best guess is that the fees that go towards Shaw cable will go towards the bld coffers and I hope that translates into maintenance efforts where and when needed.

Earlier this year BEPRA saw the audited financials for BEP… It is for certain a case for concern.

I think that loosing cable service is a worth while proposition of it keeps rates here stable.

That being said I think it is about time we as an association look at broadband internet for everyone. Not only will we have high-speed internet but a chance and choice to get TV / news programing and movies via online sites.

One thing that stands out now is that some one at 40 east Hastings authorized a Telus Optik TV / Internet reseller / Rep to solicit both BEP and The Oasis over at 40 east Hastings. I suspect Bridget Moran residents where offered the opp to.

So what do you all think?

Stay or Ditch your built in cable plan?

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