Bruce Eriksen Place Residents Association Members Pass Constitution and Bylaws at First Annual General Meeting

Bruce Eriksen Place Residents Association Members Pass Constitution and Bylaws at First Annual General Meeting

“A Resident Association keeps us connected with our neighbours and the broader community. It also provides a way for members to work with various stakeholders in an advisory capacity on matters affecting our housing and community, as well as make member driven initiatives and actions to improve the quality of life of one another and within our spheres of influence.”

We look forward to having NHS (it’s board, agents / assigns / employees / contractors etc.), Terra Property Management, new and existing community relationships and partnerships working with our elected Managing Member/s and Representatives. Cooperation and “Community in Action”.

John Mc. Director – BEPRA


The Constitution for BEPRA outlines matters including meetings: how often, notice and quorum requirements, voting, recording what happened at the meeting by way of minutes, duties of the Director / Representatives, when someone ceases, or no longer qualifies to be a Representative. etc.

Members agreed at their first annual general meeting that the organization should be called Bruce Eriksen Place Residents Association (BEPRA)

This association is a member-funded society. It is funded primarily by its members to carry on activities for the benefit of its members. (Note at the original date of this writing BEPRA has received no outside funding apart from a small community grant from The Vancouver Foundation for our BBQ 2018)

Nominations for the role of Chair person where held and Nominee/s where voted upon by signing members. The results of that voting where an unanimous vote and consent to the election of John Mc. to the role of Chairperson.

John is the founding member and administrator for the association. He has been instrumental or the principle member responsible for facilitating every community function, steering committee meeting, as well as the principle representative and community liaison. In addition John is the associations website and server admin, records keeper, social media manager, in addition to generously contributing not just his time but funding a good portion of all that BEPRA has done to date. There is no doubt that John is committed to a healthy safe clean community. Former Vancouver Fire Chief has called John a “Civil libertarian” and has sat on the counsel of a well known downtown east side mission who has been serving the community for over 20 years consecutively.

One can only imagine what support and leadership Jim Greene and Bruce Eriksen would provide us today if they where here to see BEP 20 years on, to see where they left off.  We are certain that they would have wanted and championed the residents of this award winning building that they worked diligently to bring to fruition to be good stewards, not just of 380 /  382 /  384 Main Street but the community of the DTES, and of course be a demonstrable betterment of residents quality of life as well.

We want to thank Vancouver Fire Chief Darrell Reid, https://312MAINSTREET.CA ,The Listening Post, The Aboriginal Front Door, The Vancouver Tenants Union, The City Of Vancouver, The Vancouver Foundation, Libby Davies, Jenny Kwan, and many others for their support thus far.

Once we have more members and by committee we will seek to amend and update the constitution to reflect more concisely our aims, procedures, and bylaws.

Some Highlights From our adopted Constitution:

1.) Name
The name of the Association is: Bruce Eriksen Place Residents Association (“The Association”).

2.) Objectives
a. To provide opportunities for resident decision making as mutually agreed upon and to act in an advisory capacity on matters affecting the Bruce Eriksen Place, the community, and to raise funds for such pursuits.

b. To foster a strong, healthy, safe community by expanding involvement.

c. To promote a sense of ownership in both the individual rental unit and the shared common areas in conjunction with providing accountability to those who are employed / volunteer / contracted to fulfill such goods and or services to this effect .

d. To foster and encourage wellness, self-development, leadership and community.
e. To create opportunities for residents to share their time, skills and energy as volunteers and community leaders.

f. To achieve better communication between NHS and residents.

g. To build meaningful partnerships with community organizations by connecting residents to resources in the wider community.

3.) Membership
a. Membership is voluntary.
b. Every rental unit is entitled to one voting resident.
c. There is no membership fee. You may make a donation at the time you formerly accept membership, and at any other time and it is encouraged but in no means required for membership.

The purposes of the Association shall be carried out without purpose of gain for things and or persons not demonstrability connected to the Association or that is outside of this constitution, any profits or other accretions to the Association shall be used for promoting its purposes.

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