Central Air / HVAC IS DOWN – Has Been Down or Out For Days Now.

As per the conversations had with others living in the building the last few days re: the central air being out as I said I would and  I am now making a post of it and I will contact NHS / TerraHousing.ca about it, as agreed.

The Doors slamming closed is due to the vacuum left when the central air is not running. It is also the reason why the hall ways are warm and smells like cooking, etc, and, it is because, it is drawing in air from your windows, under your door, and into the hallway.

That is a chilly cross breeze. You can limit heat loss by putting a towel or some such thing  at the base of your door. My heater is not working, I know some of you have the same issue. If your is not working please contact NHS and or us and we will drop a notice via email on your behalf,  however you do it,  please do inform them. It will never get any cheaper to fix if it needs repair. If you feel like you need help to get your place ready for repairs, let us know and maybe we can figure something out. Community in action 🙂

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