Change in Maintenance Staff

Chang Ming is now the sole janitor / maintenance person @ BEP. Scott has been reassigned to work at, 40 East Hastings (The Oasis).

It was nice and practical to have Scott who lives her be the point of contact but things have change for some reason.

If you have any questions about how to get a hold of Chang (Ming), Contact 40 East Hastings. If you need the email address contact me / us and we will get the NHS  / B.E.P., Tenant Support email address to you.

(If we publish it here spam bots will spam it)

Another option is you send an email to an @BEPRA address (contact us for details) and there is an automatic forward of that email to NHS tenant support. It provides a layer of proof of communication and secure place to archive  / keep the conversation and outcomes.

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