Christmas Eve Social @ BEP 2018

We had a good time tonight. As usual I was very busy yacking my head off keeping the coffee and conversation flowing so not as many pictures as I would have liked but we did get some. By Jason account we had 12 people join us.

Our resolve to register as a non profit and do the needful things for each other and the community has never been stronger. We agree we are going to move forward and pursue this.

Special thanks to Mary Anne, Gary Mahy, Valery, Maria, and last but not least, John the acting Admin of BEPRA who coordinated and put the event on.

We might be doing something New Years eve… We have plenty of nibbles and beverages to do another round. If it is going to happen we will be sure to post a notice in the lobby about it.

Pics of our Social:

Christmas Cards to Chang Ming and NHS:

Some Pictures over the year (2018)

So sorry I did not get more pics of the BBQ this Summer. Please if anyone has any pics of the BBQ please contact us so we can upload them and ad them to are archives for the website. Thanks

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