Congratulations Jenny Kwan on Your ELECTION 2019 WIN!

Hi there this is John admin @ BEPRA  

 I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving and for those of you who got out to exercise your right to vote on October 21st I want to thank you.  No matter who it is that you  voted for  your vote counted.

This year it was an honour to  help facilitate the 2019 election as an elections officer with Elections Canada. I am happy to say that our community has some very solid stand up people in it.  Downtown Vancouver

As  as you may or may not already heard Jenny Kwan of the NDP yet again was elected to Parliament buy Vancouver East.

Without breaking any confidentiality I can say I witnessed one unsealing of a paper Ballot Box and the manual  count of the paper ballots, on the Jenny Kwan envelope the pile became the highest one, it was by far the most counted at the polling station I was overseeing the the count of.  Judging by Jenny’s win the other polling station came to the same clear winner – Jenny Kwan.   

I am not surprised. Jenny Kwan was  knocking on the doors of her constitutions include those of the most humble postal code of V6A – That is a woman who has not forgotten the forgotten. 

Mr. Mahy was at the NDP’s Burnaby Federal Elections celebrations and met up again with Glen Clark as well as Jenny Kwan. 

As you know Jenny KLwan and BEPRA’s admin John have already agreed to work on a 2020 BBQ together and Mr Glen Clark has pledge his support as well for 2020’s BBQ @ BEP! Gabriel Yiu,  Jenny and I spoke at The Carnegie Community Centre @ CCAP Federal Election Leaders Debate 2019,  about the election debate in a post scrum as well as some election issues &  the 2020 BBQ .

It looks like we are set ti have a great 2020 BBQ  – Thank You Glen Clark and Jenny Kwan!

Here is the picture Gary May was asked to send to you Lisa / Burnaby Now! – Lisa King –

Gary Mahy has asked for copies of the pictures taken at the election celebration in Burnaby that you took of him for his album and so we can feature one in a post on the website

So now that Jenny has secured her seat again in the House of Parliament we will move forward on our plans for 2020. We have the BBQ and a couple of matters relating to BEP that she  and her parliamentary assistants we hope will advance .

With sincere regards,

John:McIlwraith Admin @ BEPRA  – “Community in Action”



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