Eviction Notices… – Administration errors…?

There are confirmed occasions this month where eviction notices have been issued in what seems to be a likely mail or clerical error.

They are well past the 5 day mark… Lost in the shuffle?

For sake of privacy we will omit names. Someone and another on a certain floor received eviction  notices re failure to pay. This someone spoke with me and said that he had juts done a verification that PWD had mailed out a rental payment cheque to 40 east Hastings for processing. Clearly not the tenants issue.

Is this a matter of lost mail? Are cheques buried under a pile of work on some ones deks some where. Is it lost between 4o east Hastings and Terra’s offices?

It seems that there are limited people affected. Last time there was this situation many people received eviction notices due to “clerical errors” at head office. It sure rattles some peoples cages, I know I have heard the frustrations and uncertainty in their conversation.


We will keep you updated…


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