Evictions Crisis Survey – Please take 3 mins!

Hi Bepra —

COVID-19 protections and supports for B.C. renters are abruptly coming to an end.

Starting September, BC Housing is cutting off its Temporary Rental Supplement and the Residential Tenancy Branch will begin allowing eviction notices for  non-payment of rent. Renters in debt will be expected to enter repayment plans starting in October.

Over the last several months, VTU members like you have been fighting to prevent mass evictions of people who are in rent debt.

Are you struggling to pay rent or are worried about being evicted this fall? 

Please take this 3 minute survey to tell us about your situation.

Even if your situation is stable, your feedback will help give organizers a deeper understanding of how BC’s rent crisis continues to affect VTU members and renters across B.C. as we prepare for next month.

Please also share this survey with other renters you  know, so that together we can better advocate for the protections we need!

In Solidarity,

Vancouver Tenants Union

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