MEMBERSHIPS – Aboriginal Front Door Society

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Aboriginal Front Door Society

“Restoring respect, dignity and pride for Aboriginal Peoples”

Aboriginal Front Door Society – 384 Main St. off Hastings Vancouver, BC V6A-2T1
Email: | PH: (604) 697-5662

MEMBERSHIPS - Aboriginal Front Door Society
MEMBERSHIPS – Aboriginal Front Door Society


The Aboriginal Front Door Society is a culturally safe, peer designed non-judgemental place for Aboriginal Peoples and their friends and family in the Downtown East Side.  We create hope and offer support through Aboriginal cultural traditions, caring and acceptance.

We are a meeting place and a drop in centre with a welcoming environment, providing opportunities to learn more about Aboriginal Peoples and Culture.  When necessary, we can also offer other services, such as serving as a crisis centre, brokering long term and specialty trauma counselling, and doing court accompaniments.

Our goal is to restore respect, dignity and pride to our members.



The Vision of the Aboriginal Front Door Society is that Downtown East Side (DTES) Aboriginal people are able to walk through life with love, honor, respect and compassion for all things in creation including themselves, having addressed addictions, dependencies and other issues in a holistic manner using Aboriginal teachings, as much as possible.


The Mission of the Aboriginal Front Door Society is: to secure, develop and operate a safe place for DTES Aboriginal people that will be an entry point to begin the implementation of an Aboriginal specific drug and alcohol strategy in the DTES and will:

  • Be a place where Aboriginal people can experience, learn and participate in traditional Aboriginal culture, teachings and ceremonies as part of their healing journey through life
  • Be a place DTES Aboriginal people can call their own and feel at home, an informal, non-institutional place for people to come in for time out, help and activities
  • Be an accessible storefront, if possible, which will have areas for use and meetings such as a food preparation area, a ceremonial meeting area and a multi-use area
  • Provide leadership through respected Elders and other role models
  • Be developed and operated by and with the DTES Aboriginal people themselves, and
  • Foster, support and encourage personal healing, development, education and employment of the DTES people through the culture, language, ceremonies, traditions and teachings of the Aboriginal people as well as modern conventional and alternative methods.


Contact Us Aboriginal Front Door Society 384 Main St, Coast Salish Territory BC V6A-2T1 Email: Phone: (604) 697-5662



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