Our domain is set to renew soon – bruceeriksenplace.ca – Please think about chipping in to cover the basic costs.

We are now two years old!

Hi there folks.  I got the yearly domain name renewal reminder message today.

It is as follows: “The domain(s) listed below are due to expire within the next 30 days. bruceeriksenplace.ca – 2020-07-16 (30 Days)” …”Please note that if your domain expires, your website(s), email(s), along with any associated services may become unavailable or inaccessible.”

I am asking that people step up and offer a donation to cover the costs for the name and the website hosting and Linux server administration. I never planned on, we never planned on me being the only one to pay for most everything most of the time. 

So please think about chipping in even $1–2-3-4-5.00 etc., is helpful.

  • It can be in cash
  • Via Paypal using a credit card , debit card or chequing account. (contact 380mainstreet@gmail.com or 778-775-4300 for details)
  • You can use Interact to email money to 380mainstreet@gmail.com

Please Contact John 380mainstreet@gmail.com or 778-775-4300 for details


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