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Bepra —

At our General Meeting on December 5th, we announced that since COVID-19 has made so many renters’ lives more difficult, VTU’s Steering Committee decided to waive 2020 membership dues for anyone who paid dues since 2019.

Therefore, this email is to let you know that your dues for 2020 were waived and your VTU membership remains in “good standing” until July 2021, which is the month when we ask all members to renew.

This email is just an FYI and no action is required on your part. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

In solidarity,

Vancouver Tenants Union
Steering Committee


Hi Bepra,

We are closing one of the most challenging years for tenants in the history of our province. Our volunteers worked hard during the 365 days of 2020 not only to support hundreds of struggling tenants with guidance and advocacy, but also to keep advancing our local tenants rights and preserve the last remaining neighborhoods of this city that offer affordable housing. We fiercely challenged local and provincial legal tenancy systems biased towards landlords, which allow proprietors to evict hundreds of vulnerable tenants during the most critical months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our union organized public pressure that was instrumental in the winning of a moratorium on evictions across the province that lasted from March to September. VTU members also played a crucial role in achieving a provincial freeze on rent increases. Currently, we are focusing our efforts and resources in strongly demanding that the moratorium on all evictions is immediately reinstated. Thousands of tenants’ lives are at risk without an effective eviction ban.

Three columns listing different achievements. First Column -

Responding to COVID-19 includes winning an eviction ban after public

pressure campaign; Created pandemic-era education and organizing

materials for renters; Won a freeze on rent increases thru 2021. But

the Province prematurely ended the eviction ban and legislated a

punishing rent debt repayment policy. Next step: Join our No rent debt

campaign at No Rent Debt dot CA. Second column - Tenant Protections

and Housing Justice. SRO renters won Vacancy Control in City of

Vancouver  Vancouver; renters also won stronger protections from

demovictions and renovictions. These are yet to be enshrined in law so

stay tuned for more actions in 2021. Renters also still need province

wide vacancy control and bargaining rights. Third Column - Building

tenant power: We have a new Union Hall at 268 Keefer St.; Members

voted to accept a grant from City to hire a tenant organizer; We

launched an Eviction Tracking Form and we defended our neighbours from

a predatory developer in Mt Pleasant. Next step is to join a VTU

working Group or neighbourhood chapter

As you know, this is an entirely volunteer-run organization that is financed by renters and members’ donations. This is what we mean when we say we’re a “tenant-powered” movement.

Every dollar you donate provides this organization an opportunity to effectively confront our biased tenancy system and decisively win significant steps towards the empowerment movement of hundreds of thousands of tenants in search of affordable, stable housing.

So thank you Bepra, for your continued support for our union.

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