Renew your VTU Membership for 2021

Hi Bepra,

It’s time to renew your annual VTU membership.

Our union is powered by renters like you, coordinating in solidarity with one another. Together we’ve taken on landlords, developers, the city and the province as a united voice for renters. We’ve continued to fight for housing justice – in our homes and in the halls of power – and even through the pandemic.

We do this because we must. We’ve learned time and time again our elected politicians are not going to just give us what we need. So, we must continue to build power in numbers in order to demand and actualize the changes we need – real rent control, eviction protections, real social and co-op housing – where we can live affordably and have a say over our homes. We’ve made some dents in our first few years, but we’ve got a lot more work to do.

Renewing your membership is about reconfirming your commitment to build tenant power in our city, in whatever way you are able.

Will you continue to build with us?

Thanks for all you do and have done for our movement. As an all-volunteer run organization, everything we’ve accomplished and continue to work on is thanks to all of us. Learn more and renew your membership here.

Finally, we want to remind you that nobody shall be turned away due to lack of means. If you would to renew your membership but need your dues waived this year, please reply to this email and just let us know you’d like to renew.

In solidarity,

Lillian & Evan
Steering Committee Co-Treasurers

Vancouver Tenants Union

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