Some of you where wondering about the central Air / HVAC system – October 2019

Hi there folks.

I have had some discussions with residents about the central air  / HVAC system, in specific that it has been off this week.

I have no information about this at the moment. As I said I would make a post and post it to our social media / email in hopes that NHS / TERRA will have a response for you directly.

I will share here any replies BEPRA receives

With regards,



Update: October 8th – Building and maintenance report.


Update: October 19, 2019 Another week goes by and no fix.

Some of you where wondering about the central Air / HVAC system – October 2019

October 19, 2019 – End Update

UPDATE – October 13, 2019

October 13, 2019 at 8:55 pm

Update: Oct 8th 2019  – HVAC Still Down

The central air / HVAC is still down.

Oct 8th 2019 – End Update


  1. An Update:
    An email update sent via and to :

    “Members and residents have been asking me about the central air system being offline.”
    Members and residents have been asking me about the central air system being offline.

    The HVAC system has been down now over a week close now to two.
    Stale air, cooking smells and unit heat fills the halls and common aread. The negative vacuum causes it. A Power Failure happened in the the building the HVAC went out and this is most likely the cause.

    Pleas see:

    “I have just learned that Ming is on vacation over seas in Hong Kong. It very well may explain the delay of the system coming back online.”

    Please RSVP letting us know what is happening and what measures are to be taken and a timeline for a resolution.

    With sincere regards and Happy Thanks Giving greetings,

    John on behalf of BEPRA and Residents of 380 Main Street – Bruce Eriksen Place. ”


    ” NHS Tenant Support – It is being dealt with. Had to wait for contractors to come in. They were notified in Tuesday. Hopefully early in the week. Happy Thanksgiving ”



  2. Another week goes by and no fix.

    Some speculate Ming is the only one with a full Key set of keys / Mater Key ring, and or is the only one insured or bonded to flip the breaker or on switch if that is all it takes.

    Is Ming the sole point of contact and response as far as building and maintenance issues are concerned? @

    The smell and stagnant air is a bit stifling. The only way to get air flow is to open up your window or balcony door.

    Our hope is you will cooperate with us to see what we can do to avoid this in the future.

    This time last year as fate would have during around Thanksgiving 2018 we had the same hiccup.

    We are asking for NHS / Terra to let us know about how they or we can have someone look into the plan for this for scenario @ BEP.

    I know there are serious budgetary constraints at NHS, and we aren’t certain the complete scope of the management agreement or contract that Terra Housing and NHS have.

    Ming: Is he the only one within NHS and or Terra Housing to have a set of keys or a single key a copy for the HVAC / Buildings systems? If so it seems like that should be corrected, one would think it stands to reason, we are likely to see this happen or something like it again (elevator etc.)

    There seems to be some confusions as to whom Ming works under directly, Terra or NHS?

    Is it NHS’s responsibility to have the key / keys for HVAC / ELECT / FIRE / ETC/ alone or in conjunction with Terra Housing?

    I noticed this: “Some of our important services to non-profit housing providers are”

    – Maintenance management and planning
    – Day to day operations and site staff support


    ^^What does that look like contractually for NHS / BEP? Does Ming have a vacation contact / releif person with access?

    Does it mean only in house employees and excludes Terra employees? Perhaps some one in house can be trained and giving a master key ring with labels and instructions for such cases, bonding and skills I know could present some obstacles.

    I am not certain what the solution looks like.
    I am here to help though.

    We have set up our buildings disaster recovery plan and tools here:

    ^^ More will be coming on that.
    I participated in Vancouver’s resilient neighborhoods project next door at @312MainStreet

    Resilient neighborhoods project comes from the city of Vancouver with some funding in part from the Rockefeller Foundation as part of “100 Resilient Cities organization.”

    The scope of the projects disaster recovery awareness and preparedness. It was about how to deal with emergencies and crisis and to know the difference and how each is responded to differently. The localized DTES workshops allowed residents, community stake holders, professionals in the health and out reach fields, and volunteers to be candid about the unique nature and needs of people on the DTES.

    At the end of fall I hope to be facilitating a work shop with a muster station drill as well as emergency prep and planning at a BEPRA MEET UP – ALL TENANTS INVITE – MANAGEMENT AND MAINTENANCE – .

    I hope to have BEP’s Vancouver Fire and Rescue services keys box @ 380 Main Street’s entrance replaced and secured for residents and EMT/VFD safety. Either we have keys for them or they (VFD) said “…we will break through the glass doors…” And I presume that means every other door as needs be. That is a costly proposition as well as a tenant safety concern.

    As I said I am here to help get on top of these things. Please do call me.


    John: Admin / Chair – BEPRA


    Terra Housing Clients include:

    Elizabeth Fry Society of Prince George

    Villa Cathay Care Home

    Immigrant Services Society of BC

    Vernon Native Housing Society

    Hollyburn Family Services Society

    Abbotsford Hospice Society

    Lu’ma Native Housing Society

    Affordable Housing Societies

    Vancouver Native Housing Society

    John Howard Society Thompson Region

    City of Quesnel

    The Kettle Friendship Society

    John Howard Society of the Central and South Okanagan

    Sanford Housing Society

    The Governing Council of the Salvation Army in Canada

    Lookout Emergency Aid Society

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