The heating system is back on… Central Air unit down again… Thanksgiving… Municipal Elections

The heating system is back on…

Well it’s official, fall is back and so are the chilly nights. Good news is that like clockwork our central hot water heating system is back online.

Please test your heat in your unit. If you have issues (more than likely not you will have any problems) it is with your thermostat or the radiators.  If you have issues with it FILL OUT A SERVICE / MAINTENANCE FORM AND PLACE IT THROUGH THE MAIL SLOT ON THE OFFICE IN THE LOBBY. As well it is a good idea to take a picture of the form and email a copy to NHS. That way you are certain it was received and it is on the record.

Central Air unit down again…

You might have noticed the heat  / warm air and the smell of cooking in the hallways. That is because the HVAC / Central Air system is down again. It creates a negative vacuum by pumping conditioned air to our units, with out it the air from our windows and balconies is sucked in towards the center where the elevators and halls are.

The system is 20 years old. Earlier this year you you might remember when construction next door saw us taken of the electrical grid and then back onto a new and improved linkup the Central Air system did not come back online….

Mary Anne has posted on the lobby message board that she has been told that the central air (HVAC) system will be having repair work done to it on Tuesday the 9th 2018.

Lets hope it all goes well.


Happy Thanksgiving. Some of us are going to be doing dinner on Monday the 8th 2018. I some how got cornered in the lobby and then again on the street into to doing a turkey. I have two. I will need to know by the end of Saturday if you want to join some of us. Don’t be shy. If you are interested get a hold of me #306.

Municipal Election…

As you kn know BEPRA is a member of VTU.  I and Gary Mahy attended VTU training session. It turns out that it  s was for election related canvasing.  Taking in the feedback it was made clear that I should not do it as I am admin of BEPRA and the scope of our association is limited and members where not comfortable with our participation in electioneering. I have let Wendy Pederson head on VTU that I had to withdraw from canvasing the building.

I will say this I am certain that Jeanne Swanson is for certain the candidate that knows our city core and neighborhood better than any other and that is undeniable.

How you vote is up to you, but get out and vote!



Admin @ BEPRA

fall images vancouver downtown
fall images Vancouver downtown