The Listening Post – A Letter in Support of The Founding of BEPRA

Our Sincere thanks to Kathy Bentall and Karen Thorpe of The Listening Post (382 Main Street) for there recognition and kind support.

Bruce EricksoThe Listening Post – Support of founding BEPA

“The Listening Post

382 Main St. Vancouver

Feb. 10, 2019

We are writing this letter in support of the founding of the Bruce Erickson Tenant Association.

We have been tenants in the building since 2000 and are deeply appreciative of the space and the support that we have received over the length of our tenancy.

We support the call of the tenants for maintaining the upkeep of the building both inside and outside. Installing spikes to keep away the pigeons would be very helpful. Also regular maintenance of the outside from the pigeons and graffiti would be much appreciated. We are also concerned about the strong urine smell in the back hallway that needs regular maintenance.

Thankyou for your consideration of the concerns of the tenants. Ongoing upkeep is in the best interests of all involved.


Karen Thorpe, Volunteer Coordinator.”

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