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Hi Bepra,

October 15th was a special day at Vancouver City Council for tenants rights.

The city passed several tenant-centred motions including:

  • A $1 billion plan to purchase and revitalize 105 privately owned SRO hotels
  • Stronger protections for SRO hotel tenants (like vacancy control)
  • Concrete steps toward preventing displacement of tenants during renovictions & demovictions across the city
  • Calling on the province for COVID-19 rent debt forgiveness and to end the ban on pets in rentals across B.C.

All of this done with unanimous votes from the typically divided Council and with report backs on implementation steps anticipated in 6 months!

None of this would be possible without renters like us coming together and demanding change at city hall over the years. Together, we have worked to to elect renter-friendly city councillors, showed up at city hall time and time again, and also supported renters organizing to pass similar protections in neighbouring cities.

This is only the beginning. It is crucial that we take action now to build on this unprecedented success in order to ensure that permanent change occurs.

Interested in learning more?

Join our online information session on Zoom co-hosted by COPE, the VDLC and SRO-Collaborative this Saturday, Oct 31 at 11:00am:

*Please note you must RSVP to get the link


  • Sara Sagaii, VTU organizer
  • Wendy Pedersen, SRO Collaborative and tenants
  • Kari Michaels, VP of BCGEU and VDLC Housing Action Team member
  • Jean Swanson, COPE Councillor
  • Christine Boyle, “One City” Councillor
Hope to see you there!

Vancouver Tenants Union
City Hall Working Group

PS – if you’re interseted in joining VTU’s City Hall Working Group, contact: CityHall@vancouvertenantsunion.ca

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