Walk through of the building – Some notes – TERRA / BEPRA / NHS / BEP

Walk through of the building – Some notes:

Monday February 25th 2019



  • Remove bike rack in the front and find a way to enclose the space.
  • Pigeon spikes for the Main street front are coming above the entrances of 380/382/384
  • Temperature needs to be warmer for the installation
  • Paint to cover graffiti and surplus pint on hand for touch ups and cover ups
  • Pressure washing / cleaning of the font up to the third floor
  • The Back entrance needs to be cleaned to be certain and a solution to deter people from abusing it.

Amenities Room

Pest control will be needed to exterminate the bugs.

We saw bugs crawling on the books in the amenities room. They are going to be recycled / disposed of as is the TV left behind by someone some time ago.

Track lighting for the kitchen to be repaired.

Some missing or stained ceiling tiles to replace.

Loose tiles to be repaired.

Broken Chairs are to be disposed of.

Kateryna suggests trying to see if BEPRA can sell the piano and use the proceeds for BEPRA.

Pool table… Does it stay or does it go?

It would be hard to replace, it really never gets used. If it stays and continues to not get used the amount of dead space seems a waste. It is the elephant in the room. Some people say no we should keep it but it has only been used 1 in 5 or so years and is literally collecting dust.

Bathroom…. We are working on solutions.

Second Floor Deck.

Move the palms and planters into a better arrangement. Terra has offered up to $350.00 for nursery in the planter boxes and

Clean up BBQ Corner. Dispose of the old table and wood cabinet. The pigeons nesting there have to be eliminated and a thorough presser washing of the corner bench / BBQ / deck.

The plan is to have maintenance done every 3 months for whatever needs to be done ie. pressure washing etc. As soon as the pigeons are no longer able to perch under cover of the deck and ledges the amount of work to be done will drop dramatically.

Roof Top Deck

Needs pressure washing. Some nursery.

Laundry Room.

I asked about a treatment/s for the washer and dryer against bed bugs.

I know of at least 4 units that have bed bugs and am certain about at least 1 more.

Residents are seeing dead bed bugs in the laundry room.

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