We need to talk and be proactive about AFD and it’s impact on the 300 block of Main Street – Our Home.

380 Main Street is our home. It is a 8 story 38 unit apartment building and across the street @ # 375 Main Street (The Ford Bldg.)  is a 76 unit apartment building. Both have their principal entrances on the 300 block of main street.

We deserve a clean and non fettered access to our entrance way, our door step at our home, and our street parking not always covered  with urine, feces , food, coffee cups, food containers, cardboard boxes, bread and other food stuff left on the sidewalk, and garbage bags filled with garbage left on our front doors!

This and those who eat and drink what the AFD hands out in our doorways, residents and TLP have to navigate and negotiate a way to simply come and go from our own front door…

Our windows, bike rack (aka toilette), and intercom system used as alfresco dinning and a place to dump coffee and food containers.

Rats at night are so prolific that they are nesting in the engines of vehicles on Main Street, parked over night! All the ambulances, dump trucks, fire trucks, and buses are not a deterrent to the rats when the promise of routine food and drink left on the street and sidewalk  continues, This speaks volumes as to the the scope of the situation.

Rats for the first time have been seen in the back hallway where our  recycling is. A surge of cockroaches there and in apartment units.

Another by product of the feeding program is the proliferation of graffiti that is by in large not abated or dealt with. Studies have proven that if not dealt with in a timely manner it only serves to encourage others to join in the defacing of property.

BEPRA gifted to AFD a pressure washer because the amount of traffic and filth generated from the traffic and feeding program. That pressure washer grew legs and walked out on them over a year ago… To our knowledge it has not been replaced nor has there been any regularly scheduled pressure washers contracted to clean up.

There are a couple of things I have heard and spoken to others about the lack of a commercial dumpster exclusive to the use of AFD. There has to be a solution.

It is had to understand the decision to not place garbage bins outside and have some one through out the day pick up the refuse left behind as a direct result of their activities. It seems A.F.D. is relying on NHS / Tennants @ BEP / TLP / and the City of Vancouver to take care of the mess day in and day out. 

Also there is talk that AFD is wanting to seek a permit to set up concrete barricades on Main Street to create a closed in area for picnic tables…  I cannot see this not being another encroachment of the peaceable enjoyment of the homes of the residents / tenants of Bruce Eriksen Place.

We need to have some discussions and a plan of action. To remain silent any longer could be construed as our tacit agreement with the situation.



  • Security of tenants coming and going
  • Noise / crowding
  • Food / container waste  – No dedicated dumpster  – A surge in rats and cockroaches
  • No pressure washing
  • Increase in graffiti
  • Uptick in people using 380 and 382 entrances as a toilette
  • The proposal to set up picnic benches and take away parking .

The stake holders are

  • The residents of 380 Main as well as 382 (TLP) and 384 (AFD)  Main street
  • The City of Vancouver
  • Vancouver Coastal Health. 
  • NHS and their agent Terra Property Management.



These where kindly left outside of AFD just next to and under the window of @TLP. Food Left in boxes and bags is regularly left for people to take as they need. Often times the rain, the crows, the seagulls and the pigeons make a mess of what is left as well as people after the AFD closes root through the food stuffs and make messes. This picture was Taken on May 5th 2022 – The bread was left overnight. How are we to clean this? The only ones who enjoy or benefit from this are AFD because they do not have to keep or dispose of it, the birds and the rats who scurry around and feast on it. This is untenable.




  1. Chair of the residents association (B.E.P.R.A.) introduced themselves and briefly spoke with “Jacob” who is thought to be the acting Executive Director of The Aboriginal Front Door yesterday.

    When it was said the situation (the mess and waste created and left daily by A.F.D. was out of control.

    Jacob got physically aggressive and stepped right into the physical space and an inch or two into the face of them and warned them that they are “from the streets” and that saying out of control to Jacob was “fighting words.”Jacobs last words where “go to Hell…”

    The incident was Witnessed by a third party from inside the building.

    Please exercise caution when speaking with this individual and we suggest if you do have a witness. 

  2. The A.F.D. has scaled back on amount of meals and hours it will be proving meals. It was said that Smoke Signals is going to be providing more meals. Not sure if this is accurate or the reasons for the scaled back operation at the AFD.

    Note: The sidewalks and entrance ways are somewhat less “dishevelled” looking…

    1. The City Of Vancouver has ended it's COVID funding to the AFD and as a result they no longer are able to provide the meals they use to.

      As a result we are seeing a dramatic decrease in waste / litter and urination / defecation at our front door/s.

      We still encourage AFD to be a good neighbour and contemplate / consider  a rountine of pressure washing our shared spaces in an effort to honour the fact that people live here and deserve the dignity of a safe and clean passage to and from their homes.  Helping those in our community should not come at the expense of  the peaceable enjoyment of those who live in it.


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