We want to give a shout out to BladeRunners – Vancouver for Volunteer Pressure Washing 380 Main Street

Our sincere thanks to Eddy of BladeRunners – Vancouver for Volunteer Pressure Washing 380 Main Street.

BEPRA wants to give a shout out and recognition to:

Eddie from Blade Runners for being so kind as to donate his time to do BEP the great service of power washing the Main street entrances for BEP (380 Main Street), The listening Post, and The Aboriginal Front Door.

BEPRA has been speaking with tenants both commercial and residential @ BEP re solutions to keep BEP clean and remedy the grime and filth of the DTES from it’s entrances and exits.

380 Main Street
382 Main Street – The Listening Posts
384 Main Street – The Aboriginal front Door.

This is another example of BEPRA at work for the residents and community.  Again we sincerely enjoy the community spirit and cooperation. For more information about Bladernners please review the following:

About: BladeRunners – Vancouver

Provided by: Aboriginal Community Career and Employment Services Society (ACCESS)

Provides a free employment and skills training program for street-involved youth ages 19 to 30 who have multiple barriers to employment. Aims to facilitate entry into the labour force, foster long-term employment prospects, and build self-esteem. Offers basic training in construction techniques and related trades, job readiness skills, occupational health and safety, and life skills. Coordinators also provide 24-hour support to help participants overcome personal problems so they do not interfere with employment. Graduates may qualify for required safety gear, tools, or further training. Participants must be unemployed or underemployed

, not receiving Employment Insurance (EI), and legally entitled to work in Canada. Open referral. Serves Vancouver. Office hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday. Funded by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and BC Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology.


390 Main Street
Vancouver, BC V6A 2T1

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