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Not sure what to think of this print out posted @ BEP this week. What Does this mean?

As it reads “If you cannot make both of these times”

I think they may have meant if you cannot make “either of these times” If not it reads you should show up at both times and if not travel to 40 East @ The Oasis…

In any event this seems clear to us as Voluntary and if you have no updates to share / volunteer for a file…

What file you might be asking yourselves… Good question.

At our BEPRA  meeting I think it might be wise to table a motion to explore getting BEP residents access and current copies of these “files”.

Freedom of Information requests 

We are looking for NHS cooperation and generously provide timely access to BEPRA members and copies of said “tenant files”. – BEPRA

Topics to explore is legal resources and what laws and rules apply to this information and its collection and use.  Perhaps Pivot Legal has information for us regarding this.

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  1. Do you want a copy of your “Tenant File”?

    Question for JonQuil / NHS:

    How do residents @ BEP receive a current copy of their “Tenant File”
    Please leave your comments below and in reply to this reply.

    Thank You,


  2. Reports are that no one was at BEP in the office… At least not at 10 minutes to 11:00

    Anyone have a chance to meet with some one from NHS at the time posted in the picture above?

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